Changing the day of the week we meet to Thursday, to encourage attendance. 

Gave people jobs to edit the website (hi) 

Altered our project to change the DNA in some bacteria on the skin to produce a smell (maybe from a flower. 


The final idea for the project this year is going to be a deodorant/perfume. We also practiced sterilization techniques.


Brainstorming ideas for Projects


1. Producing O2

        - Catalase Enzyme: H2O2 to O2

         -Photosynthetic bacteria- improve its output.

2. Grow the bacteria on a wearable media

3. Mask design

-  replaceable filter 

- pourous replaceable filter

- flexible membrane to  grow bacteria


finish mask design

determine the bacteria (1 or 2) 

decide the modifications


Our notes on our long term projects

End result: trying to make a mask that contains oxygen making bacteria, so people don't have to carry around large tanks of oxygen.


Links to documents with information about Cystic Fibrosis:
Obesity link:



Health and Medicine:
- CF
- Eczema
-Obesity (Probiotic pill?)
-Mapping Microbiome

New Application
-Production improvements (increase speed/ efficiency)
- metal making
-iron metabilism


Obesity: genetic or acquired?

Leaning towards obesity or CF.

Researching genetic obesity (genetics) and Cystic Fibrosis

TED Talk: Soon We'll Cure Diseases With a Cell, Not a Pill


Cystic Fibrosis and Obesity Solution Brainstorming (Putinto)
Create bacteria indicator--color change, etc-- to show if bacteria is functioning correctly/took up a nutrient/something that stimulated a chemical change in the body
        -acts as a detector of simulation of metabolic process
New England Bio Labs: have lots of plasmids and DNA and materials (for free?) 
     -we should totally take advantage of their kindness if they can spare anything
     -DNA assembly kit; putting gene and a plasmid together
Tuesday, November 17: Bio Builders Online Conference at 7:30